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Contact Lenses – Do’s and Do Not’s





  • Clean and disinfect after each wearing with fresh disinfecting solution.
  • Keep your storage case clean.
  • Put make-up on after inserting contact lenses.
  • We recommend you keep a pair of spectacles in case of eye problems and keep a spare pair of contact lenses especially for trips.
  • Keep your nails trimmed to avoid damaging lenses.
  • Always wash and rinse hands well before handling contact lenses.
  • Always remove and insert the same lens first. “Pick right or left and stick with it”
  • If eyes get red, take your lenses off and call the office.
  • Always check to see if lens is inside out.
  • Keep a lens case and lubricating drops with you at all times.
  • Put re-wetting drops in eye with contacts on at least 4 times a day to keep contact lens moist. Rewetting becomes especially important while doing a lot of near work due to decrease in blink rate. Air condition and heating will also dry contact lenses out. If dryness becomes severe, take lenses out, clean and rinse. If dryness persists, call our contact lens specialist.
  • Always put 1 re-wetting drop in eye before removing your contact lenses.
  • Call the office to speak with our Contact Lens Specialist if there are any questions.


  • Don’t use disinfecting solution or saline more than one time. Always use fresh solutions daily.
  • Don’t soak contact lenses in saline alone. Soak in a disinfecting solution.
  • Don’t handle a dried-out lens until you have placed solution on it and it is hydrated.
  • NEVER wet your soft lenses with saliva or water!