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Contact Lens Fitting Guarantee

pic2We have been fitting specialty contact lenses for years and have seen some incredible changes in technology over time.  By far the most exciting changes have occurred in the last few years.  Although rigid contacts lenses are a shrinking segment of the industry, we still have a large number of patients who wear them. The gas-permeable lens materials available today far surpass those available just a few years ago in terms of eye health and comfort.

Allergies can be particularly annoying to contact lens wearers.  In the past many people had to quit wearing their lenses for a month or two during the allergy season.  New lens materials and allergy medications have made it possible for these people to eliminate itchy eyes.  Medications such as Pataday are amazingly effective and safe. Schedule your appointment today to take an expert advice if you have similar issues.

Why does Vision Arora claims Contact Lens Success Guarantee?
No other optometry office offers contact lens success guarantee other than us. This is because we not only believe we are the best but also patient satisfaction is our sole agenda. Our contact lens fitting allows you to trial an unlimited amount of contacts until you are completely satisfied with your vision and comfort. If the doctor decides that you are a candidate for contacts but is unsuccessful in fitting you with contacts, we will return your money.

Dr. Arora specializes in astigmatic and difficult-to-fit prescriptions and has 17 years experience in fitting complicated contacts! Many of our contact lens patients have been told by other providers they can’t successfully wear contacts because of their vision prescription. They are relieved to find we have the specialized testing and expertise to fit even the most complex vision problems. At Vision Arora, we can even customize a contact lens for you if we are unable to fit you with one of the thousands of lenses we stock.

Our contact lens staffs are able to answer many of your questions and are available for ongoing contact lens instruction and training. We have vast experience with cosmetic considerations such as colored contacts that change eye color completely or just modify eye color slightly.

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For patients who are registered with our office can order contacts directly from our website. We offer competitive pricing and fast delivery.

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