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  • How soon will I get my new glasses?
  • What is your warranty on eyeglasses and lenses?
  • What is your prescription policy?
  • What is your return policy?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Can you reuse existing frames?

How soon will I get my new glasses?
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on frames and lenses, even if you bring in an outside prescription! Most eyewear orders are available for pickup and personal fitting at our office within two weeks. As an independent eye care practice, we have chosen to take special care in crafting your eyeglasses versus a one-hour turnaround offered by some optical chains. We have found our patients are more satisfied with their eyewear and quality of vision correction when special care has been used to customize their lenses and frames. Our findings are consistent with a larger study conducted by Consumer Reports, which found that glasses from independent eye care practices rated the highest overall.

What is your warranty on eyeglasses and lenses?
We request to your familiarize yourself with our optical policy so we can better serve you and create a memorable experience!
When ordering your glasses we ask for 50% down and the remaining balance upon delivery. If you pay your balance in full by cash, personal check or credit card on your initial visit, you will receive a 5% discount. (Not applicable with insurances or other discounts.) Adjustments and minor repairs of eyewear are always free. No appointment necessary. Just stop in at one of our offices and our optical staff will be happy to assist you.
At Vision Arora we honor a one time Rx change made by the Doctor for 60 days following the original order. This is subject to a 20.00 handling fee. In the event that a patient does not adapt to a pair of prescription Progressive eyeglasses within 60 days, we will remake the glasses one time into a Standard Bifocal at no additional charge to the patient and no refund will be given for the price difference in materials.

Frame warranty: all frames purchased come with a 1 year defect/breakage warranty if they are not discontinued. All breakage must be normal wear and tear not accidental break. If a frame becomes discontinued during your warranty period, then you can choose a new frame of equal value and lenses will be made for that new frame without any charges made to you. However, if your frame is not discontinued than we will either repair or replace your frame with the same frame at no charge. We are unable to extend this warranty to frame purchased elsewhere. We don not offer warranty on our discontinued and highly discounted eye wear.
Patients own frames are accepted without warranty against breakage.

Lenses warranty: we will verify your prescription. If you are having a problem with your new prescription, please come into the optical within 30 days. If we are unable to find a solution we will schedule you to see the doctor again for a reevaluation. Any prescription changes will be done at no charge. All lenses purchased have a 1 year warranty (i.e. lens coating, anti-glare coating, etc). We will replace the lenses at no charge. Scratches or breaking of the lenses is not included.

Progressive lenses warranty: we understand that some patients require time to adapt to progressive lenses. If you are having difficulty with the lenses, we request you to come within 30 days to make necessary adjustment. Within 30 days we can offer you to replace the progressive lenses at no charge to a lined bifocal or single vision lenses. Since these are special order lenses, we are unable to offer any refund. We will try to keep the same or similar added options on the new lenses (i.e. anti reflective coating, tint, photo chromatic, etc).

What is your prescription policy?
We do not take any responsibility in the accuracy or quality of materials made outside this office. If you choose to have your eyeglasses made outside of this office, we recommend you reach an agreement with your eyeglasses dispenser before you place your order. They should agree not to charge you in the event your eye prescription needs to be redone. If you choose to make your eyeglasses in this office, we provide you with a 1 time prescription lens change in your eyeglass prescription within 3months of your original diagnosis.

What is your return policy?
We are unable to offer cash refund on any of our products. We offer 100% credit to your frame towards the purchase of another frame or lenses if returned with 30 days in perfect resalable condition. We will give you 50% credit for your lenses towards new lenses or frame if returned with in 30 days of receipt.
Eye Exams, Corneal Reshaping Therapy, and Vision Therapy services are non-refundable.

Many Disposable Contact Lenses and Planned Replacement Contact Lenses are returnable for store credit if returned within 30 days from the date of order. The boxes must be unopened and in resalable condition. This is subject to a 20% re-stocking fee.
Most RGP and Daily Wear Vial Contact Lenses have a 45 day to 75 day warranty from the date of order and are returnable for a refund of store credit. Vials must be returned with the contacts and all lenses must match the micro barcode imprinted in the lens to receive refund or credit. Custom lens and keratoconus lens are non refundable. All products must be returned in original unopened packaging. All products must be returned with a copy of the original invoice. Open disposable products will not be accepted for credit. Defective blisters will be replaced with trials. All disposable lenses must be returned within 90 days of original invoice date. Spherical/Vial lenses must be returned within 30 days of original invoice date. Discontinued and/or expired lenses will not be accepted for credit or exchange. Vision Arora will not assume responsibility for lenses returned for credit via a non-traceable delivery service. For your protection please send returns via a service through which you can obtain proof of delivery, we recommend USPS Priority Mail Service.

What is your cancellation policy?
Any order must be canceled within 3 business days. All orders will be charged a lens fee as follows (unless we are able to stop the order before the lens is cut and processed);
Single vision-$20
Lined bifocal- $30
Progressive bifocal- $50
Any specialty add on (anti-reflective coating, transitions, hi index, photo chromatic, anti glare etc) will be charged at ½ price.

Can you reuse existing frames?
When ordering lenses only for an existing frame, there will be a lens insertion fee of $20. Due to the age of an existing frame they may crack, bend or break when new lens are inserted, therefore we cannot be responsible for nay damage to the frame as they are being reused at your request.


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